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“Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation” – Zig Ziglar
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Making every Application count
By combining all our services in one place, we strive to make every job or internship application and candidate search a success. Welcome to our coaching platform and ads board for both candidates and companies!
Coaching and Matching
The Internship Clinic provides HR services to multiple international companies and Spain-based startups. We also support the growth of university students and match their high ambitions and expectations with companies, whilst companies can hire faster, smarter and retain their talents.
What we can do for you
We offer advertising space to companies wishing to offer internships, traineeships or paid positions. We directly offer the following services to students and applicants:
Language Coaching

Our multilingual coaching further supports your interview preparation in English, French, and Spanish.

Job Interview Coaching

Job interview simulations are accompanied by a CV Clinic: improve your CV and Linkedin profile

Visas for Barcelona

If you are a non EU Passport holder wishing to complete an internship in Spain, we work with trusted language schools who can process a student visa enabling you to complete a part-time internship.

Monthly engagement
Several Types of Roles advertised
The Internship Clinic’s ads Board
Through Facebook we have established our network through our internship specific groups such as Erasmus+ internships, Internships in Spain, but also Student Accommodation and Student Events.
General Steps
Example of Application Timeline
CV Preparation
Getting your CV into shape: ensuring it is personal, relevant and up-to-date.
Linkedin Preparation
Your LinkedIn profile is key as a lot of applications and reference requests can be done through this platform.
Internship Application
Through our platform and many others you will be able to match your aptitudes and abilities to those sought by companies whether it be in IT, finance, marketing, or any other industry.
Cover Letter Preparation
Here a concise and accurate description of your profile and keenness to retain a particular role is what needs to come across quickly and efficiently.
Interview Preparation
Interview preparation and simulations are key to feeling confident during interviews. You will be able to practise with your personal coach at The Internship Clinic.
Language Coaching
Not as confident speaking in English, French, or Spanish? We offer language coaching packages with materials adapted to your level and roles you will be applying for.
VISA Application
Not getting responses for roles advertising in Spain for EU Passport holders only? We have the solution: apply through one of our partner language schools in Valencia or Barcelona and get a Student Visa!
The moment has come: it is time to shine. Interviews can be daunting but with the right amount of preparation and practice let's get you ready for the big event!
Pre-Arrival Preparation
From searching for accommodation, making sure you have the right insurance(s), to completing all your internship paperwork.. refer to your pre-arrival checklist!
The Team you want to work with
The Internship Clinic works to bridge the gap between aspiring and current professionals and hiring companies by offering services throughout the recruitment process. We endeavour to achieve the best possible results for both parties by advertising a broad spectrum of different sectors as well as by offering recruitment and training services. 
  • Researching
  • Preparing
  • Practising
Professional support throughout your Application

Exploring all the available offers here is a start. Making sure you are prepared is key!

  • CV and LinkedIn Makeover: Let’s revamp your CV and bring it to life. Choose a package with us to transform your CV into something that you will feel proud sending to recruiters and future employers.
  • Language Coaching: Certified, highly skilled and experienced language trainers are available at the Internship Clinic. Through guided practice of phonology, syntax, and lexis, we will help you identify your strengths to better express yourself in English, French, or Spanish.
  • Interview Coaching: How long has it been since your last interview? Need a little extra confidence that will make a big difference? Practice makes perfect. Let us help you manage these high-pressure moments by learning how to deliver the best answers in the best way, whilst being yourself at interviews.
What if you can’t get a Visa?
non EU students looking for an internship in Barcelona
We can help! We work alongside some trusted partner language schools Spain, in both Valencia and Barcelona. If you are struggling to get your visa, or simply aren’t getting responses because one of the requirements is to hold an EU passport, do consider signing up for a Spanish Course through us. This way you will get a Student Visa, enabling you to complete a part-time internship in Spain.
3- to 9-month Visas
Signing up to a language course means committing to several months of Spanish lessons and ensuring a Student visa for your stay in Spain.
Get more Responses
By already having your Student Visa in Spain, applying for internships in Barcelona or Valencia will be easier. You will no longer be competing with those holding an EU Passport.
Full Immersion
Formally learning the language part-time, combined with part-time work experience, and living on site = Full cultural and linguistic immersion!
Accommodation Support
Going through our trusted Language Schools in Spain means that you will receive support for your Accommodation search.
Packages for Students and for Companies
A plan which best matches your needs
Flexible solutions for our candidates. Book an introductory call with one of our coaches now!
Then confidently choose a package that fits your needs and let’s get started together!
We are used to working under pressure to help you get through recruitment processes efficiently and successfully.
From simple CV and LinkedIn Makeovers, to thorough coaching and mentoring, but also reference checks, we have a variety of interview preparation and recruitment packages to meet your needs, for just the time you see fit!
We use a calendar booking system to make coinciding easy, as well as secure payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe for immediate and secure payments.
Per Pack
CV Makeover
Cover Letter Makeover
Reference Checks
Language Coaching
Interview Coaching
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Some Frequently Asked Questions
Need some answers now? Check out our FAQ:

The Erasmus+ internship program, developed by the European Commission, gives students in higher education (university) the opportunity to take on an internship in another country of the EU. The program usually lasts between 2 and 12 months. The programme was designed to further develop students’ motivation and skills during a funded experience abroad.

Erasmus+ just like other work experience programs supports traineeships, work placements, and internships. These are simply different labels that refer to the same type of work experience programs offered universities or international providers.

Eligible university students can receive funding or an Erasmus+ grant (provided by the European Commission). This grant is paid directly through your sending institution (university). This funding contributes towards the extra costs that you may encounter from studying abroad or working abroad. For 2019/2020 the grant was between €300 and €450 a month, depending on the country visited.

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